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MS Office suite has been designed user-friendly, powerful, and interactive to increase the productivity and efficiency of the users within an office environment. Plus, it is compatible with almost all operating systems like Mackintosh OS and Windows PC. Its excellent compatibility allows users to transition between various operating systems whenever they need it. You can also become an expert in handling different tasks on MS Office apps by login into

  Downloading & Installing Microsoft Office on Windows

Using MS Office starts with its downloading and installing which can be done in the following way:-

       Go to your user account's Office page.

       Click on

       It will open the page with the option to purchase Office products.

       Click on 'Install.'

       The Install option will appear to you as an orange tab below the name of your Office subscription.

       Click on 'Install' again.

       Your Office setup file will start downloading.

       If you purchased the MS Office student version, then you can skip this step.

       Double-tap the Office setup file.

       You will find the MS Office setup file in the default download location of your computer.

       Tap Yes to run the Office setup file and start installing it on your computer.

       Wait until the Microsoft Office installation finishes.

       Click on 'Close' when directed to do so.

       Now, Microsoft Office is installed.

       You are free to use it.

Downloading & Installing Microsoft Office on Mac

Download and install Microsoft Office on a Mac in this way:-

       Click on

       Go to the MS Office page on your account.

       It will open a page with your Office purchase.

       Click  'Install.'

       The option to install will appear in the orange tab below the name of your subscription.

       Click on the 'Install' option again.

       If you purchased Microsoft Office's Student version, then you can skip this step.

       Now, move to your Mac's Dock.

       Here, you will see Finder appearing as a blue, face-shaped app.

       Click on the 'Downloads' folder appearing on the Finder window's left side.

       If your web browser downloads files to any different folder or location, click on that particular folder.

       Double-tap on the Microsoft Office setup file.

       Click on Continue in the setup's first page's bottom-right corner.

       Click again on Continue on the second page.

       Click 'Agree' to accept Microsoft's terms and conditions to use the software.

       Click on 'Continue.

       The option will appear in the page's bottom-right corner.

       Click on Install.

       Enter the password of your Mac that you use to log into your device.

       Click on Install Software to start the installation.

       Click on 'Close' when directed to do.

       Now, your Microsoft Office is installed on your device.

Activating Microsoft Office on any Device

Activating Microsoft Office is essential to make it functional that you can do in this way:-

       Go to in your web browser.

       Click on the Sign-in button appearing in the red color.

       If you don't have your user account on Microsoft, click on 'Create a new account.'

       Here, you will need to provide an email address.

       Now, make a strong password.

       Now, Sign-in with your Microsoft account.

       Click Next.

       Now, type the activation key.

       You can find your activation key on the digital or paper receipt or printed on the card.

       Click on Next.

       Click Activate.

Purchasing Microsoft Office Subscription

You can purchase an MS Office subscription in this way:-

       Go to

       Then, open the Microsoft Office product page.

       Click on 'Buy Office 365'.

       The option will appear as the black button on the page's upper-right side.

       Clicking on this option will take you to the Microsoft product page.

       You can choose your preferred Office subscription from the options like Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, or Office Home & Student.

       Choose the Microsoft Office subscription based on your needs and click on 'Buy Now.

       Click on 'Checkout.'

       Now, Sign-in to your user account on Microsoft when directed to do so.

       Use your email address to sign in and click Next.

       Now, enter your password and click Sign-in.

       Even you are already signed in to your Microsoft Office account; you will still need to enter your password.

       Click on Sign-in when directed.

       Click on 'Place Order.'

Renewing Microsoft Office Subscription

Renewing Microsoft Office helps you to extend it for longer use. Renew MS Office subscription in this way:-

       Go to

       Select the subscription that you are required to renew.

       Now, choose either Renew Now to purchase an annual subscription or Renew with a monthly subscription.

       Review the product you have chosen to renew in the Shopping Cart.

       After that, tap on Checkout.

       Go to the Next page.

       Sign-in with your Microsoft account that you wish to use with Microsoft 365.

       Now, click on 'Renew subscription' after reviewing your order.

       Click on 'Manage Subscription to go to your Microsoft Services account and subscription page.

Managing MS Office

You can easily manage your MS Office subscription in this way:-


       Use your personal Microsoft account or school to work to Sign-in.

       Now, choose your account name displayed on the upper-right corner.

       After then, tap on View Account appearing in the options list.

       Your further course of action to manage your subscription will depend on the user account you used to sign in.

       If you have signed in with Microsoft account, you will be directed to the Microsoft account dashboard.

       Here, you can manage any Microsoft product.

       You can update your Microsoft account password, manage your Microsoft account, update your billing information, and set additional settings for security.

       Also, you can view other Microsoft products and install and reinstall them on any device.